It is a book for leisure. Healing from seriousness. Might be useful for anthropologic studies. And if we tend to think that making 'art' is the opposite to 'crafts' then this book is a true art as it has no client.

- Monika Krikštopaitytė

Inside the book

Dear wife! This is a photograph of me with the hare trophy. For the time being I’am hunting in far away and unfamiliar climate zones.

The dance.

I have found myself entangled in the blanket and incidentally strangled.

Burning house in the drowning boat.

The secret of ugliness is tantamount to the secret of beauty.

The dragon captured the princess because he wants to marry her and live happily ever after. The prince saves the princess because he wants to marry her and live happily ever after.

The dream.

Sleeping mermaids.

The quarter view landscape drawing depicting underwater kitten-drowning celebration.

The cross to the victims of the Inquisition to be built in Vatican City (black metal, flat, contour)
The project.

Sold at auction affter the bankruptcy of Lapland:
the sledge (second-hand, wrecked, mileage 20 million kilometres);
the horns;
the deer with pedigreed animal documentation;
and the rest.

About author

This book is a expression of deficiency for irrelevancy. The most important privilege of drawings – total freedom. Dizzy and gently risky.

Author Arūnas Kavaliauskas, an architect, has never looked at his drawings seriously. They were created for fun, as spoof to let emotions run freely as they were drawn – from stress to spasmic laughter. Insights, ideas sometimes serious, sometimes wacky has taken all over scraps of paper, napkins and notebooks as cockroaches.

– Monika Krikštopaitytė


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